Tonight, Nashville is again, seeing mass protests against the death of George Floyd.

Thousands of protesters are filling the streets for what Nashville residents hope will be peaceful protests.

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Multiple fires were set on Saturday night by “peaceful” George Floyd protesters.

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On May 31, the Gateway Pundit reported that one of the arsonists were caught- An Antifa terrorist was caught in the act of setting a fire a the Nashville city hall and courthouse building Saturday night by reporters from the Tennessean who posted a video and a photo of the arson in progress.

Here’s another scene from the chaotic, and anything but peaceful protests:

On Sunday Nashville police arrested 25-year-old Wesley Somers for starting the fire at the historic courthouse.
Somers was charged with charges of felony arson, vandalism, & disorderly conduct.

Here’s another photo of 25-yr-old Somers only moments after his arrest:


This afternoon, the Metro Nashville Police Department is again, asking for help in identifying another one of the arsonists from Saturday night. This time, the arsonist appears to be a young black woman who boldly places a large piece of paper on fire through a window in the courthouse, a large group of mostly young kids cheers for her.

Metro Nashville Police are alos looking for two young black men who set a police car on fire. They can be seen in the images below.

Amid the violence and hatred, there is, however, hope. The Metro Nashville Police Department posted a touching photo showing a protester and police officer who started out having a confrontation, then turned to conversation and finally, their encounter ended in sharing a prayer.

Pray for peace.


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