A Manhattan judge has ruled that she will not force a hospital to give ivermectin to a dying COVID-19 patient after the man’s wife filed a lawsuit against the hospital where he is being held.

Erika Quintero-Sherry has been fighting for Mount Sinai West Hospital to administer ivermectin to her husband, Benjamin Chernyavsky, who has been in critical condition since getting covid last month.

Benjamin Chernyavsky, 60, in a medically induced coma after getting COVID

After two days of court hearings, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lynn Kotler said she would not be granting Quintero-Sherry’s emergency request based on her “paltry” evidence, and that Chernyvasky’s doctor recommended against the drug.

Although ivermectin has been shown to improve covid patients by 67% and has repeatedly saved the lives of individuals who were on their death bed, hospitals still refuse to administer the drug regardless of the circumstances.

In January, another family in Florida lost their legal battle to get their dying father ivermectin. Their request was denied and just weeks later, they lost their loved one to covid.


60-year-old Chernyavsky has been in a medically induced coma and reportedly has less than a 20% chance of surviving. Even given this grave statistic, the hospital will still not at least try to administer ivermectin and save the man’s life.

Benjamin Chernyavsky before contracting COVID

Chernyavsky’s daughter said they wanted to try ivermectin because “the most important thing for us is to do anything to save his life.”

Unfortunately, it looks like this family will not have the opportunity to exhaust all their options to save the life of their loved one.



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