A press conference held this afternoon was loaded with sour grapes from Democrat Stacey Abrams who, instead of conceding and behaving like a graceful loser, used her time in front of the cameras to divide the citizens of Georgia by accusing their new governor-elect Brian Kemp of disenfranchising the rights of Georgians to vote.

Unfortunately, for “Georgia’s first African-American female governor”…identity politics, millions of out-of-state contributions, appearances by Barack Obama, John Legend, Will Ferrell and even Oprah Winfrey couldn’t help Abrams to garner enough votes for her to win the election. Even the heavily armed New Black Panthers came out for Abrams, as they patrolled the streets in their neighborhood, yelling into the windows of cars passing by, telling them to vote for Abrams. In spite of all of the attention Georgia’s Democrat – Socialist candidate for governor received from the Democrat Party, Hollywood, and the adoring mainstream media, Stacey Abrams still fell short by 58,150 votes of her goal to defeat her Republican opponent Brian Kemp and become Georgia’s first black female governor.

After exhausting every legal option, Abrams was forced to make an announcement today. Unfortunately, for the citizens of Georgia, Abrams was too selfish to gracefully concede, as a way to help heal the racial division she created while campaigning. She instead chose a route that would further divide the citizens of Georgia, by making a thinly veiled accusation that Kemp won the election because he figured out a way to suppress the vote.

It’s hard to watch someone who’s such an unbelievably poor loser, it’s even harder to believe how close she came to becoming Georgia’s next governor.

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Well, actually not that close…


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