She’s no stranger to nasty women in America who can’t seem to get past their hate for her father to see that Ivanka Trump is a passionate advocate for women and a strong role model for working women raising a family. Ivanka is an incredibly hard working woman who is very accomplished. She’s everything the so-called “feminist movement” should be celebrating, but since her father has taken a pro-life position, all bets are off the table. And unlike children of every previous President and First Lady, the Trump children have been the targets of one vicious attack after another. From the boycotting of Ivanka’s clothing and accessory line to Rosie O’Donnell accusing young 11-yr old Barron Trump of being autistic to the skanky comedian Chelsea Handler who after finding out that Eric Trump and his wife were expecting their first child tweeted, “Just what we need. Another person with those jeans [sic].”

Ivanka Trump on Tuesday faced boos and hisses during a panel discussion at the W20 Summit in Berlin Tuesday morning after she defended her father’s record of promoting women in his business before becoming president.

The president’s daughter was speaking on a panel that included German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she remarked that President Trump is “a tremendous champion” for women and families. That remark drew boos and hisses from the crowd at the panel.

She later defended her father, citing media criticism but also clearly responding to people in the room.

 “I’ve certainly heard criticism from the media … but I know from personal experience and I think the thousands of women who have worked with and for my father for decades when he was in the private sector are a testament to his belief and solid conviction in the potential of women to do the job as well as any men,” she said.
For entire story: Washington Examiner

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