The media can’t help themselves with their effort to always make President Trump look bad in just about every situation. Remember when they made it look like President Trump rudely dumped out his fish food during a photo op in Japan? There are many examples of what the press doesn’t show that makes the story fake news. The day of remembrance on 9/11 was no exception…


I am telling you this because not even an hour later, the press was criticizing him for doing that on hallowed ground, and he should have been more respectful of the heroes of Flight 93. Well, I got to see FIRSThand how biased the liberal media is towards him. They took a photo completely twisted it around to make him look bad, and it was nowhere near the truth. And our past president has the nerve to also criticize the POTUS for shunning the media. I wonder why he does. So, that is the truth of what really happened, not the story the media produced or the haters of our president.

In case you missed it, President Trump was approaching an excited crowd as he was walking away from Air force One at the start of his visit to Shanksville, Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

You can’t see the crowd in the photo that was taken so it just looks like the president is raising his fists at nothing. The media immediately turned this fist pump gesture into an act they claimed was “disrespectful”. Every major news outlet published the photo with a snarky headline taking a dig at President Trump. The problem is that things were not as they seemed according to a National Guardsman who told The Daily Caller all about it: 

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“The POTUS landed at our Johnstown flight facility, a military installation owned by the Reserves and the National Guard,” he said, “and, well, prior to his arrival, we were allowed to gather in this designated area to greet him prior to his boarding a helicopter and flying to the Flight 93 memorial service.”

The service member, who asked to remain anonymous, said that the double fist pump was a greeting to the gathered crowd, which included a number of members of the military and their families and supporters.

“As he approached us soldiers, marines, and airmen, many were shouting and waving at him. That is when he did the ‘double fist pump’ — he was genuinely happy to say hello and shake hands, and you could tell he was proud to be greeted by ‘his’ military members.”

Mediaite, Daily Mail and others published the photo with a title that makes the president look bad. They aren’t telling you the entire story. Shame on them and thanks to the honorable National Guardsman who told the truth!


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