The media has been saturated today and last night with news that Russia is still in love with President Trump and that they want to meddle in our next election to help him win. Every single mainstream media outlet (see below) blasted the news out that there had been a House Intelligence briefing confirming that Russia is working to re-elect Trump…it’s a for sure thing, right? Wrong!

What happened next is so typical of the fake news media. They throw out a lie and repeat it over and over. The New York Times and the Washington Post are the usual suspects in claiming a “source” told them something. As the day goes on, the tall tale falls apart little by little.

The backpedaling began when CNN’s Jake Tapper reported that there was a “mischaracterization” of the meeting, according to Shelby Pierson, a top election-security official working in Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire’s office.

Tapper tweeted out about the “mischaracterization” in a series of Tweets:

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“What’s been articulated in the news is that the intelligence community has concluded that the Russians are trying to help Trump again. But the intelligence doesn’t say that.”

“The problem is Shelby said they developed a preference for Trump. A more reasonable interpretation of the intelligence is not that they have a preference; it’s a step short of that.”

“It’s more that they understand the president is someone they can work with, he’s a dealmaker. But not that they prefer him over Sanders or Buttigieg or anyone else so that it may have been mischaracterized by Shelby.”


The Russian government’s reply:

“These are new paranoid reports, which, to our deep regret, will continue to grow in number as the election day approaches. Naturally, they have nothing to do with the truth.”


It’s all over the news…Russia, Russia, Russia!

The Democrats are so desperate that they’re trying the Russian meddling scheme again with the help of the media. The only way they can hurt President Trump in the 2020 election is to make up fake news that he’s a Russian asset. The problem the Dems have is that Americans don’t believe it.

A Fox News panel discussed the news last night:

The media is saturated today with news that there was a briefing about Russia attempting to help President Trump get reelected. The funny thing is that everyone knows President Trump doesn’t need anyone to be reelected. He’s got this! The Democratic candidates are also helping him along the way. This is Deep State and Democrat desperation.

A Screenshot of Top Stories if you Google “Russian Meddling”:

The media is saying that “reportedly” Trump was angry at this news.

ABC Nightly News went full-blown meltdown on this ridiculous story:

The Obama intel leaders were striking out at President Trump too:

Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan tweeted out the NYT article claiming Russian meddling and a “full-blown national security crisis.”:

James Comey replied to the president’s tweet that he lied by posting a music video from Mariah Carey:

It’s very obvious that President Trump is getting close to the root of the corruption in the Deep State as they become more and more desperate.

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