How many times have we seen this?

A major organization trying to “do the right thing” by falling headfirst into the woke agenda, only to discover that, surprise surprise, they completely misunderstood the group they were supposedly standing up for.

Enter the Washington Commanders’ latest PR nightmare.

You might remember the Commanders’ highly publicized name change from the “Redskins” in 2022.

Hailed by the woke elites as a step in the right direction, it seems they were doing anything BUT listening to the people they claimed to be championing.

The Native American Guardians Association, representing the very community the name change was supposed to respect, has now thrown a major curveball.

And guess what?

They want the “Redskins” title back.

It’s almost comical, but the threat isn’t a laughing matter.

They’ve hinted at mobilizing a boycott, one that could rival the colossal financial blow suffered by Anheuser Busch after they partnered with a transgender activist.

And with the Commanders’ history and reputation on the line, this could be a turning point for the franchise.

This saga is a glaring reminder that bending over backwards to appease the woke mob doesn’t always equate to doing the right thing.

It’s almost as if most of these virtue-signaling moves are just that – empty gestures.

Are companies genuinely supporting the causes they claim, or are they just blindly hopping onto whichever bandwagon is passing by?

Dive into the article to unpack the layers of irony in this latest “woke gone wrong” saga.

The Washington Examiner has all the details:

A Native American group has threatened to boycott the Washington Commanders football team if the team does not revert to its older title, the Redskins.

The group, Native American Guardians Association, has asked the team to change its name back to the Redskins in a letter dated Monday. The team decided to change its name in 2020, settling with the new name, the Commanders, in 2022.

“Should we need to encourage a national boycott similar to what happened with Anheuser Busch which is now down $27 billion (note, not one brick thrown, not one highway blocked, not one bridge burned) – WE WILL DO JUST THAT,” the letter read.

The group’s threat of a boycott comes after Anheuser-Busch, the owner of Bud Light and several other beer brands, reported a nearly $400 million loss in the second quarter of this year. The loss in revenue has been cited by many to be from a boycott of Anheuser-Busch following a partnership that Bud Light did with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Ever been in a situation where you tried to fix something, and it ended up worse than before?

Well, that’s what happens when virtue signaling goes off the rails.

The Washington Commanders have just handed us a case study on how the “woke” movement, instead of scoring points, can score a solid own goal.

In a frenzied bid to appease the cancel culture brigade, the once “Redskins” rushed headlong into a rebrand.

All of this, mind you, under the guise of “standing in solidarity” post the tragic George Floyd incident.

But here’s the twist: while trying to sidestep what they assumed was a racial landmine, they ended up detonating a cultural one.

The latest letter from a group representing Native Americans doesn’t just highlight the disapproval of the name change.

No, it’s much more profound than that.

It’s a loud and clear message about the importance of history, understanding, and genuine engagement over hollow gestures.

It’s almost poetic, the way this debacle showcases that when organizations pander to the loudest voices without proper due diligence, they risk more than just offending the very groups they aim to appease.

They risk their credibility, authenticity, and trust.

Per the Daily Wire:

The letter closed out by noting that in 2023, this “oppression and arbitrary and capricious recognition of U.S. history and Constitutional rights is not acceptable.” The group also vowed to stand their ground because, if “you don’t acknowledge history, we are doomed to repeat it.”

In 2020, the team announced it was removing Redskins from its name and two years later announced the national professional football team would be called the Washington Commanders.

The name change came about from pressure from the cancel culture mob following the death of George Floyd and those who claimed that the term was racist and offensive to Native Americans.

Isn’t it about time that brands and institutions learn that it’s not about jumping on trends but genuinely understanding the roots, the culture, and the sentiments of communities?

Because when they don’t, as this story will show, it can backfire.

Big time.

When will they ever learn?

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