When CBS News’ Margaret Brennan asks why Joe Biden avoided talking about the economy at the Democratic National Convention, Democrat LA Mayor Eric Garcetti says Biden has the most far-left plan “that we will see in I think our lifetimes in America.” Joe Biden told Americans what this means during his campaign last year. Democrats have also been proudly announcing that this will be the most far-left plan ever (see video below).

“We have been talking ’til we’re blue in the face about the most progressive and most expansive economic plan that we will see in our, I think our lifetimes, in America.”

Mark Levin warns America about the Biden/Sanders plan:

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Rep. Barbara Lee confirmed the plan: “Bernie Sanders and Biden constituencies made this platform so so progressive. I hope people read it because oftentimes it gets put on the shelf…but read it as a guidepost and what we need to push further on and what we need to do as we take over hopefully if we do our work.”

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