Senator John Kennedy slammed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer over including the debt ceiling raise in the budget:

This is a classic speech from Senator Kennedy from the Senate floor where he described the significant items included in the budget but then goes in for the kill.

Kennedy explained the need for disaster aid in Louisiana and then criticized the political gamesmanship that has led Democrats to tether that aid to lifting the debt limit.

“If you add up all of the damages it’s about $150 billion in 13 months. Now, other states were impacted by these storms, but Louisiana took it full in the face. This was as brutal a blow as nature has inflicted on an American state in modern history. We will be coughing up bones for years, and this legislation is going to help us recover. This legislation does every single thing that my colleagues Sen. Cassidy and Sen. McConnell talked about, that my Democratic friends want to do—everything: keeps the government open, maintains flood insurance, gives disaster relief, not just to Louisiana, but to my friends in the northeast part of our country, to my friends on the west coast. It does help my state—southwest, southeast, north Louisiana—but we’re not the only ones. Sen. McConnell’s legislation does everything except one thing—one thing: increasing the debt ceiling that Sen. Schumer can do in a matter of days, on his own.”

He said that Senator Schumer is being “moronic” for having the debt ceiling in the budget bill:

 “Why are we fighting over this? You know, nature abhors a moron. It is moronic for us to be having this fight when it can be so easily solved. Everything in Sen. McConnell’s legislation can easily pass this body with 70 votes, and we know it. And then Sen. Schumer can come right behind by simply amending the budget resolution, and our problems are solved.”

“Nature abhors a moron. Let’s don’t be moronic.”

Senator Kennedy is spot on and always gets his point across with humor and a brilliant play on words.

The Republicans were able to stop the effort by Democrats to raise the debt ceiling but Senator Schumer just announced a new attempt by Democrats:

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