In NBC’s attempt to discredit Trump, they’ve shined a bright light on their own journalistic malpractice when it comes to the Clintons.

NBC’s headline today read: Trump Hits Clinton on Mateen Father’s Seating — as Disgraced Congressman Foley Sits Behind Him

trump NBC headline

But wait…does NBC really want us to believe that Florida Congressman Mark Foley, who allegedly sent suggestive emails and messages to congressional pages, was somehow the equivalent of having the Muslim father of a radical Muslim son who only months ago committed a horrific act of mass murder in Orlando in the name of Allah, in VIP seats behind Hillary at a recent rally?

From the NBC story:

SUNRISE, Florida — Donald Trump on Wednesday night admonished Hillary Clinton for having the father of the Orlando shooter seated behind her at a recent campaign rally.

“Wasn’t it terrible?” Trump asked, that Seddique Mateen was “sitting with a big smile on his face right behind Hillary Clinton … When you get those seats, you sort of know the campaign.”

But as he said those words, disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley smiled up at him from behind the stage.

Foley, a Republican who represented southern Florida, was forced to resign his seat in September 2006 in the wake of allegations that he sent sent suggestive emails and instant messages to congressional pages. The former congressman shared Trump’s camera shot, with a smile, for the entirety of the hour-long rally. –NBC News

Do you really expect any reasonable voter to believe that former Congressman Mark Foley’s presence behind Trump at his Sunrise, FL rally was the equivalent of a Taliban supporting father of a radical Muslim mass murderer?

monica bill

More importantly, in their rush to make Trump look bad, NBC apparently forgot about former President Bill Clinton’s oral sex act with a young intern in the Oval Office while he was married to Hillary. Maybe NBC missed the stories about Bill’s numerous trips to “Pedophile Island” with fellow pervert and billionaire donor Jeffrey Epstein?

pedophile island

Hey NBC…Bill was ON THE STAGE several times during the DNC coronation of Crooked Hillary. Why didn’t you call him out? How about the multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault by woman after woman at the hands of Bill Clinton? You know…the disgraced President Bill Clinton…the guy who was impeached for lying to a Grand Jury about Monica Lewinsky. He’s the same guy who stood behind Hillary on the stage at the DNC, yet you never mentioned a word about him and his sordid history of alleged and proven sexual assault. He’s the same guy who you’re rooting for to move back into our White House. And you’re worried about a FL Congressman who allegedly sent suggestive messages to congressional pages sitting behind Trump at a rally? Really?

Ahhh…but it’s Teflon Bill and Hillary Clinton, so what difference does it make…right?



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