Not only is NBC News a member of the mainstream media seeking to push forward a leftist agenda on viewers across the country by giving important events skewered coverage instead of objective facts, they are apparently incompetent too.

The news outlet recently reported numbers concerning the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C. and the numbers were off. Embarrassing, right?

They then issue a correction on the numbers. And gets it wrong AGAIN.

The Daily Caller reports:

Originally, NBC claimed 800,000 people had registered to vote at the event. They later put out a correction on Twitter stating 800,000 people were present, but did not sign up to vote. Not only did they fail to provide the number of those who were actually registered, but it also inflated the crowd size by hundreds of thousands people.

CBS News reported only 200,000 people were in attendance — well below the mark of 500,000 the event’s organizers predicted.

Some might be wondering why it’s important to draw attention to human error on the part of NBC News, after all, anyone could make an honest mistake when attempting to count such a large number of people, right?

Well, the truth of the matter is, we don’t know for a fact the screw up made here was actually a mistake to begin with. It may appear like one, but maybe it wasn’t.

Perhaps the leftists who make up the NBC team wanted to flesh out the number of people in attendance to make it appear that an overwhelming majority of Americans support gun control, so they fudged things a bit.

Which has a greater impact? A crowd of protesters numbering 200,000 or a crowd closer to 800,000?

The media’s job is not to be a voice of activism in the realm of politics, but to work toward gathering facts and evidence which is then passed on to viewers, listeners, and readers, who will disseminate the information and use it to make up their minds on important issues of the day.

It’s not the job of the media to do all of the thinking for their audience.

This is why it’s critical to hold NBC and other outlets accountable for their actions and to ensure they are doing their job to provide accurate information to the general public.

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