A new NBC News poll shows that 74% of Americans think that the US is on the wrong track, and 58% say America’s best years are behind us.

“Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd reported on these results, saying that “Americans are angry, disappointed and worried about the future of the country.”

Todd revealed that the percentage of Americans who believe the country is on the wrong track has been over 70% for nearly a year. “Never before in our poll has this ‘wrong track’ number been over 70% for this long,” said Todd.

The number of Americans who believe America’s best years are behind us is at an all-time high of 58%.

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Todd then dove into an analysis of what could possibly be driving the overwhelming pessimism about America’s future.

The NBC poll results show abysmal ratings for both the Democrat and Republican party leaders, with Biden’s approval rating sitting in the low 40s among registered voters. “Both political parties are very unpopular,” said Todd. “One slightly more than the other.”

The poll results show a negative rating of 51% for the Democratic party and 49% for the Republican party.

The poll also suggests general low confidence in our country’s grasp on democracy. In fact, the Americans who were polled reported that the most important issue facing the country right now is “threats to democracy.”

Also indicated in the NBC results is that 61% of polled Americans are willing to carry a protest sign for a day because they’re so upset about at least one issue.

“American is singing the blues, and that is bad news for the blue team in November,” said GOP pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted this survey with Dem. pollster Jeff Horwitt.

Horwitt, however, remained cautiously optimistic for the Democrats, saying, “Politically, for Joe Biden and the Democrats, the news is not all bad. Heading into Labor Day, the political dynamics could be worse, but they also need to get a lot better and fast.”


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