The obnoxious anti-Trump Hallie Jackson of NBC is constantly trying to play “gotcha” with Sean Spicer on policy issues related to President Trump. Normally, we wouldn’t post a video of a reporter in such an embarrassing situation while on camera, but NBC’s Hallie Jackson is a special case, so we’ll make an exception. Here’s a little dose of karma for the anti-Trump Chief White House correspondent for NBC Hallie Jackson.*

Watch NBC’s Hallie Jackson get “Spiced” after she attempted to mock Republicans for working to keep the seat former US Rep Tom Price vacated in Georgia after joining the Trump administration in DC. Jackson tries, but fails to make the case that the GOP is in trouble because Price’s seat in what is traditionally a Republican leaning district is in jeopardy. As we all know, NBC’s Hallie Jackson wasted a lot of time manufacturing a story about Georgia’s over-rated special election. After over $50 million was spent in the special election to promote the Democrat candidate (most of which came from out-of-state donors), the so-called “rising star” Democrat John Ossoff ended up losing the seat to Republican Karen Handel.

Here’s the obnoxious Hallie Jackson attempting to trip up Sean Spicer over tweets by President Trump:

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*The embarrassing video of Jackson happened several months ago, but since it’s being recirculated on Twitter, we thought we’d share it for our followers who love Hallie Jackson as much as we do. 

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