If his conscious didn’t tell him it was wrong to have an affair with Keith King’s wife, the North Carolina judge just sent Fransisco Huizar a pretty strong message…

A North Carolina judge ordered San Antonio resident Francisco Huizar III to pay Keith King $8.8 million for damages related to him having an affair with King’s wife.

Keith King (L) Fransisco Huizar (R)

North Carolina is one of the few states with so-called “alienation of affections,” or “jilted spouses” laws. These laws allow a deserted spouse to pursue damages against the third party that allegedly caused the separation.

The nearly $9 million ruling is among the largest ever. In 2011, another North Carolina judge ordered a woman to pay $30 million in a “jilted spouse” case.

Watch, as the bizzare video shows Keith King (the “jilted”husband) being restrained by his wife’s lover Fransisco Huizar, as he pleads him to leave his wife alone. 

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In this case, Keith King, who runs BMX stunt bike shows around the country , sued Huizar for alienation of affection, as well as several other charges related to emotional distress, as reported by The Herald Sun . King holds Huizar responsible for splitting up the marriage between himself and Danielle King. Since Danielle King was also an employee of the BMX company, King also sued to cover lost revenue because of a lost employee, as well as money to cover increased costs on household help, child care, and counseling.

The ruling comes after a messy three-year separation process. Danielle King and Huizar met at a BMX show in August 2015 and began an affair shortly afterwards, according to court documents and testimony viewed by the Herald Sun. Keith King found out about the affair soon after, and told Huizar to leave his wife alone. But Huizar allegedly booked hotels rooms near the couple when they traveled, which according to Keith King, made it impossible for him to reconcile with his wife.-The Insider

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Danielle King is pictured below in the courtroom.

The law is only on the books in six states- Utah, Hawaii, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota and North Carolina, where king filed his claim.

Huizar reportedly plans to appeal.

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