A pastor from North Carolina tore into his district’s school board that has been prioritizing diversity training over the students’ actual education, while black students within the district fail to meet the proficiency standards in multiple subjects.

John K. Amanchukwu Sr., a preacher and political activist in Wake Forest, NC, stood up in front of his county’s school board and made it clear that they are doing a major disservice to the county’s black students by wasting taxpayer dollars on diversity training instead of helping its students meet the national standards of education.

John K. Amanchukwu Sr.

Amanchukwu began his speech with a Bible quote:

“It is better for a person to have a mealstone tied around their neck and to be thrown into the sea than for anyone to harm or damage a child.”

He then questioned the school board’s use of taxpayer dollars, pointing out that they spent $1 million this past year on a “diversity office.”

Amanchukwu asked, “And how did that benefit black children? How did it benefit children in general?”

“Well,” he continued, “78% of 3rd through 8th grade black students are not proficient in math in Wake County.”

Amanchukwu added that “66% of 3rd through 8th-grade [black] students are not proficient in reading.” He pointed out that these learning deficits will ultimately prevent them from getting jobs in a field like STEM.

“We’re wasting money on a diversity, equity, and inclusion office while we are failing black students ‘in the name of diversity,'” the pastor insisted.

“You know, in the Jim Crow era, black students were locked out of the public school system. But today they are trapped in.”

Amanchukwu pressed the school board further, asking, “As we talk about inclusion and making sure that the trans student feels comfortable and the queer student feels comfortable, what does that have to do with reading, writing, and arithmetic?

He concluded his remarks by saying, “As we are teaching cultural Marxism and grooming children to be the next pervert, we are damaging our kids in this public school system and it needs to stop.”


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