On Tuesday morning, Congress released a major $1.7 trillion spending bill to avoid a federal government shutdown. The 4,155-page omnibus bill includes $44.9 billion of aid for Ukraine and $40.6 billion in disaster relief, $858 going to the Pentagon, and $772.5 billion to domestic agencies.

As the lawmakers have only until the end of the week to pass this proposed legislation, there have been many lawmakers who have complained about not having enough time to properly read the bill. Many others have spoken out against some of the bill’s components, with one Republican Rep. calling them “egregious” and “sinister.”

North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop (R) posted some of the bill’s provisions that he takes issue with on Twitter in a long thread of “some of the most egregious provisions in the bill.”

Bishop points out that fish (yes, fish) are a major component of this bill, with $65 million being allocated towards “necessary expenses associated with the restoration of Pacific salmon populations,” and an additional $5 million being set aside “to examine the impacts of culverts, roads, and bridges on threatened or endangered salmon populations.”

In addition to the focus on salmon, $65.7 million will be put toward international fisheries commissions.


Bishop continued his Twitter thread, adding a more “sinister” feature of the bill. He wrote, “On a more sinister note, here’s at least $575 million for ‘family planning’ in areas where population growth ‘threatens biodiversity.’ Malthusianism is a disturbing, anti-human ideology that should have ZERO place in any federal program.”

Bishop is not the only person disturbed by this feature. Daily Caller news editor Grayson Quay tweeted, “Spending taxpayer money to save nature by aborting babies. Nightmarish.”

Hannah Bleau, a reporter for Breitbart News, commented on this as well, saying, “Further proof leftists believe humans are nothing more than a virus on the earth.”

“There’s a chilling anti-human synergy between the Left’s pet projects, from throttling energy production and raising the cost of living to outright killing people in the womb,” said Minnesota Representative-elect Walter Hudson. “It’s all about making fewer, less vibrant, and wholly dependent people. It’s truly evil.”

The North Carolina Rep. also pointed out that there is $447,000 appointed to “antiracist” training from the Equity Institute, $3 million for the LGBTQ+ museum in New York City, $1.2 million in “services for DACA recipients,” and $4.1 million in various career programs for Fairfax, one of the richest counties in the United States.

There will also be $524.4 million for an NIH subdivision focused on DEI and “structural racism.”

In addition to the $47 billion for Ukraine, the bill also authorizes a “Ukrainian Independence Park” to be constructed in Washington D.C.

One earmark asks for $3.6 million for a project called “Michelle Obama Trail – PATH Trail Project” in Georgia.

The bill also wants $7.5 million to better understand the “domestic radicalization phenomenon,” and $1 million for gun violence research.

These are just some of the problematic sections of the bill that Bishop covers in his posts, and he continues to post more ridiculous segments on his Twitter account.

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