A popular play-by-play sports announcer at North Carolina State University has been indefinitely suspended after he used the term “illegal aliens” during a broadcast.

Gary Hahn is NC State’s “Voice of the Wolfpack,” and has been “the radio voice of NC State football and basketball on the Wolfpack Sports Network since the 1990-91 season.”

NC State broadcaster Gary Hahn

On Friday, Hahn referred to the illegal immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border as “illegal aliens” on air during the Wolfpack’s game against Maryland in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When relaying the score of the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, Hahn said, “Amongst all the illegal aliens in El Paso, it’s UCLA 14 and Pittsburgh 6. That’s with 11:15 to go in the second quarter.”

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Although he has held his job for over 30 years, Hahn’s singular non-politically correct statement got him booted from his position.

Learfield Communications, the NC State broadcast rightsholder, gave a statement confirming the immediate and indefinite suspension of Hahn.

Wolfpack Sports Properties general manager Kyle Winchester said, “Learfield has suspended Wolfpack Sports Network Play-by-Play announcer Gary Hahn from his agreement indefinitely following comments made during today’s Duke’s Mayo Bowl radio broadcast.”

El Paso officials recently declared a state of emergency as migrants flood their city from Mexico seeking asylum. The Sun Bowl Association was also forced to cancel its annual “fan fiesta” because El Paso’s convention center has been taken over as a location to house migrants awaiting immigration decisions.

Twitter users expressed their anger at this decision, criticizing those who suspended Hahn for making an accurate statement about what is occurring down in El Paso. Many people questioned what was wrong with the statement he made, and others blamed the federal government’s woke agenda for leading to the wrongful termination of a beloved, long-time broadcaster.

Jerrod Sessler, a former congressional candidate in Washington State, commented, “Stating the [truth] creates an unsafe environment, don’t you know? Such utter and complete hogwash. If he was serious, he spoke the truth. If he was joking, it was good comedy. There is no justification for this suspension.”

Conservative newsman Graham Ledger, the host of The Ledger Report, tweeted, “As a broadcaster, I can tell you this was not an error/mistake or poor choice of words. His words were decisive and accurate. They were meant to convert the truth about his country being destroyed by an invading army of… ILLEGAL ALIENS.”

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