This is spot on! Ned Ryun joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the latest leak regarding AG Jeff Sessions. Do we even have evidence that the source is in fact telling the truth? WaPo went ahead and reported it anyway. Ryun’s right when he discusses the Deep State and Mueller subverting the will of the American voter:

This is dangerous territory and is so harmful to our president and his agenda. Tucker Carlson had more to say on this:
“What are these transactions? Basically any commercial activity that Trump or his family and associates conducted over the last decade that might pertain to Russia or anyone who has ever lived in Russia. Let’s be clear about the politics here. This is a massive threat to the White House. A determined prosecutor can prove almost anything he wants. A prosecutor with no time limit or budget or accountability to voters? There is nobody more dangerous than that.”

The investigation has been slammed by very reputable lawyers who happen to be Democrats! This needs to end ASAP!

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