While there are many uncertainties in politics, one thing that you can count on is that wherever there is a war, neocon Senator Lindsey Graham (R-Sc.) is advocating for US involvement and further escalation.

This week, Elon Musk, who famously donated Starlink technology to Ukraine to assist in its efforts to defend against the Russian invasion, suggested that it might not be the best idea to escalate the Ukrainian conflict.

He received a flurry of hate replies from politicians, journalists, Zelensky himself, and Graham.

After sending a blistering, multi Tweet reply to Zelensky, Graham threatened to pull tax credits from Tesla because of Musk’s opinion about the conflict.

Musk hilariously pointed out that Tesla no longer receives the tax credits anyways.


The Gateway Pundit Reports

“On Monday Elon Musk posted a tweet urging a de-escalation in the Russian War on Ukraine.

Musk fears any escalation would cause great harm to not only Ukraine but the world.

Elon Musk also posted a poll on the end-game in the war. In response to his question Elon Musk was slammed by his pro-war critics.

The worst reaction came from Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany who made it personal.

Andrij Melnyk told Elon to “F*ck off.”

Ukrainian President Zelensky also attacked Elon Musk with his own poll.”

After Musk was attacked by Zelensky and Melnyk, Graham weighed in, threatening to pull tax credits from Tesla at the end of a multi tweet rant. because Musk advocated for peace in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“While we’re at it, maybe the Congress should revisit the electric vehicle tax credit boondoggle. It is where the credit is now solely benefiting electric vehicle manufacturers who have increased prices equal to the tax credit!”

“It could be a good way to help save money by applying those funds to assisting Ukrainians in defending their homeland!” He further said.

Fortunately, Graham’s threats fell on deaf ears as Tesla stopped receiving the tax credits years ago.  Perhaps if he focused more on his own country’s affairs rather than warmongering he would know that.

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