Nevada certifies what many consider to be an illegitimate primary election

Nevada’s recent primary was highly suspicious from start to finish. Yet, here it stands certified.

By Nevada law, the validity of the recent primary election should have been nullified. This is due to over two and a half hours of voters and poll watchers, each with only three minutes allotted to them to speak, testifying as to the ballot mistakes, machine errors, and other issues which cast doubt on the legitimacy of the primary.

Dropbox in Clark County, Nevada

The issues raised, many affirmed by a multitude of witnesses, included: poll watchers not being allowed (despite a court order) to watch the counting due to having their vision obscured by workers; 44,000 voters being unable to vote in either party’s primary due to a system “glitch” marking them as non-partisan; boxes being loaded and unloaded without proper observation after watchers were sent home; mail-in ballots being received by homes for people who have either not lived there in years or never lived there; visible and illegal markings on ballot envelopes displaying precinct number and party.

In the case of the last issue, Republican voters’ envelopes were publicly announced and sent to designated machines or boxes.

After hours of testimony, the Election Czar Joe Gloria did not address the issues. Instead, he declared that the election should be certified, despite the Nevada law allowing for it to be nullified due to many corroborated errors and other issues.

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It was not just the process of the primary that was suspicious either. So were the outcomes.

Nevada GOP leader Michael McDonald continuously pushed RINO candidates such as Adam Laxalt for Senate and Joe Lombardo for Governor, both of whom won despite internal polling showing that their grassroots competitors were in the lead up to the primary.

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McDonald is currently under FBI investigation.

Nevada is just one of many states which have experienced strange happenings and suspicious activity in their primary. In Pennsylvania, votes were counted far later than is typical. In Michigan, candidates were being purged en masse.

Yet somehow demanding election integrity for free and fair elections has RINOs and Democrats calling you a conspiracy theorist.

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