Never-Trump Fox News host has never tried to hide his disdain for President Trump, but Wallace’s giddy behavior after the House vote yesterday, was simply embarrassing.

After the House voted strictly down party lines (with the exception of two Democrats who voted “no”) to move forward with an impeachment inquiry, never-Trump Fox News host, Chris Wallace, reported about the vote. Instead of pointing out the dirty and underhanded tactics being used by Democrat lawmakers to undo the results of the 2016 election in the basement of Capitol Hill, he instead told viewers the Democrats sham impeachment vote gave him “goosebumps.”


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On Sunday, never-Trump Chris Wallace was beside himself over President Trump’s decision to not give advance notice of the attack on the bunker of  ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to the Queen of Impeachment, Speaker Pelosi. When Vice President Mike Pence attempted to explain that it wasn’t necessary to give up top intel secrets to the head of the leaker party, Wallace persisted, demanding Vice President Pence answer his question. Pence declined to give the never-Trump host the answer he so desperately wanted.

Is it just us, or has anyone else noticed the changes taking place at Fox News?

It’s not your parents Fox News anymore—that’s for sure.


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