Never Trump Chris Wallace spoke about the testimony of the former Ambassador to Ukraine implying that people should have sympathy for her or they are cold-hearted and without a “pulse.”

Editorializing for the left is what Chris Wallace does best. It’s clear he wants to create a narrative of sympathy for the former ambassador with this comment:

“If you were not moved by the testimony of Marie Yovanovich, you don’t have a pulse.”

NewsFlash: Millions of Americans still alive well watching #ObamaHoldover, drama queen lie about why she was FIRED.

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Wallace continued:

“This is a woman who has served in seven posts of presidents for both parties for more than 30 years, hardship posts, places like Somalia. She was at an event at the U.S. Embassy to honor an anti-corruption fighter who was later killed because acid was thrown in that woman’s face, and she’s being told by the secretary-general at the State Department, you’re going to have to leave, and you’re going to have to leave on the next plane. We’re worried about your security.”

Wallace has a history of editorializing with anti-Trump comments.

Wallace is dangerous because he tries to appear neutral or even conservative but is truly a liberal and a Never Trump political hack.


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