George Will used to be a popular commentator on Fox News. The Washington Post columnist stopped appearing when he couldn’t disguise his hatred for President Trump and his supporters, which is exactly why the only gig he seems to be able to get these days is an appearance on the far-left “The View.”

Newsbusters reports – George Will appeared on The View Friday to promote his book and do the only thing right-leaning commentators are invited on television to do: bash President Trump and promote the left. Will got right to that, comparing “Trump Republicans” to cockroaches that had infested the party, to the friendly hosts. However, the tables turned quickly later, as the liberal hosts attacked him for being against reparations.

Meghan McCain began by noting Will had left the party because of Trump. She wondered if the GOP would ever return back to the days of Ronald Reagan. Will said that if Trump was re-elected, the party would be long gone. That encouraged Joy Behar to go on attack mode. Will joined in, calling Trump voters essentially cockroaches that would continue to infest the party for decades to come.

The conversation turned to reparations, as The View hags appeared to be satisfied with Will’s repulsive comparison of Repbulicans to cockroaches.


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George Will isn’t the only never-Trump Republican who regularly bashes President Trump and his supporters.

Earlier today, The Gateway Pundit reported about some of the top “never-Trump” Republicans, and how they reacted to President Trump reportedly authorizing, and then cancelling, a retaliatory attack on Iran Thursday night as retribution for the downing of an unarmed U.S. drone the night before.

Top never-Trump hack and war hawk Bill Kristol.

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And from the never-Trump Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire:

Conservative Paul Joseph Watson replied to Shapiro’s tweet, blasting Shapiro’s war hawkish, “neo-con” tweet: The last decade called. They want their horrendously discredited, blood-soaked fake narrative back, you neo-con hack.

For anyone who questions how Ben Shapiro feels about President Trump, he wrote this piece, “SHAPIRO: I Will Never Vote For Donald Trump. Here’s Why.” only 8 months before the 2016 election, in an attempt to disuade “conservative” (sanctimonious) voters like Shapiro from supporting Trump:

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