If you don’t remember Evan McMullin, he was a Never Trumper spoiler candidate who ran as an Independent in 2016 to attempt to siphon away votes from President Trump in Utah and across the country.

McMullin failed miserably, getting only 0.5% of the national popular vote.

In Utah, he got about 20 percent of the vote.

McMullin amassed $600,000 in debt and failed to pay numerous campaign vendors who helped him run his failed campaign.

Now, the CIA officer and Deep State asset Evan McMullin is running as an Independent against Senator Mike Lee (R-Ut.).


McMullin is the leading candidate running against Lee as the Democratic Party in Utah refused to run a candidate and threw their support behind McMullin.

Recent polls show that McMullin is behind by 17 percent.

Revolver News Reports

The Democrat party in Utah declined to nominate a candidate and threw their support behind this Deep State asset masquerading as a “true conservative”:

Washington (CNN) The Utah Democratic Party on Saturday threw its support behind the independent candidacy of former presidential contender Evan McMullin to take on GOP Sen. Mike Lee.

Party delegates voted 57% to 43% Saturday at their convention in Murray, Utah, to not nominate a candidate of their own. Former State Department official Kael Weston had been seeking the Democratic endorsement for US Senate.

“Today Utah Democrats voted to join Evan McMullin’s cross-partisan coalition and not to nominate a candidate into the 2022 midterm US Senate race,” McMullin’s campaign said in a statement Saturday. “This marks the first time in Utah’s history that the Democratic Party has not put forward a candidate for a statewide race choosing instead to put country over party”

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