According to Gun Owners of America, a new ATF rule says anyone selling one firearm without a license would be illegal.

Earlier rumors suggested the number of guns would be five, but the official released version says “even a single firearm transaction, or offer to engage in a transaction, when combined with other evidence, may be sufficient to require a license.”

“The new ATF HQ rule to create backdoor Universal Registration Checks is FULL of severely unconstitutional infringements,” Gun Owners of America wrote.

“This rogue agency is being empowered by a rogue executive branch who flat out hates gun owners.”

“The original rumors of the rule suggested anyone who sold five or more firearms could have to register as an FFL and conduct background checks, however the official released version says selling even ONE FIREARM without a license would be illegal,” Gun Owners of America added.


“Just in case you thought the ATF was going to be clear and concise on this rule, think again! Here are four pages of what you CAN’T do and then a catch all sentence that says it is ‘not exhaustive,'” Guns of America noted.

“But don’t worry, if you’re selling a gun to your family member the ATF rule is ‘unlikely’ to cover that. But, as usual, they reserve the right to change their mind.”






“The Justice Department announced a new rule to amend ATF regulations and expand the definition of a firearms dealer to include those who sell even a single firearm,” Guns Owners of America wrote in a submitted piece to Zero Hedge.

From Zero Hedge:

While earlier versions of the rule leaked to the public via the Biden administration’s allies in the corporate media hinted at a target of about five firearms sold without a license before requiring an individual to register as an FFL, the published rule seems more restrictive. Those who have sold or even “offer to engage” in a single transaction could be prosecuted for unlicensed activities.

That’s not all. The rule is also full of unclear language that gives ATF wiggle room to prosecute gun owners as they please. Examples of actions that ATF could use to define activity as operating as an unlicensed dealer are listed, but ATF notes that the list of examples is not exhaustive. This creates a system where gun owners must prove they are not dealers to be able to sell a firearm legally.

We can’t stress this enough: this ATF Rule is a direct result of Republican-backed gun control. Specifically, it’s called the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, or the Cornyn-Murphy compromise. GOA and our grassroots membership warned Sen. Cornyn and his colleagues that the act could be used in this exact manner; unfortunately, our warnings fell on deaf ears, and the gun control bill became law last year.

And, of course, the rule itself isn’t about safety. It’s about building the ATF’s illegal firearm registry. With a massive digital registry of out-of-business records that GOA has covered in-depth, this rule only expands on who is subject to information collection on their firearms purchases.

Gun Owners of America asserted they’re ready to battle this new ATF rule by “any means necessary.”

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