In October of 2020, 13 men were charged in connection with a plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.  Six people were charged in federal court and Michigan’s own Dirty Dana Nessel charged another seven in state court.

Of the defendants who chose to contest the charges, the government is batting 0-4 so far.  Two defendants had a mistrial declared after juries were unable to reach a verdict, and two were found not guilty today.

As more information comes out about the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the FBI played an instrumental role in leading and organizing the plot.

A new report released by the Daily Mail shows that in multiple instances, undercover FBI agents were the main agitators who escalated what defense attorneys called ‘stoned crazy talk’ to the level of a concrete plot.

In one case, FBI agent Tim Bates asked other alleged conspirators to give him ‘IOUs’ so that he could purchase explosives to carry out the kidnapping.



The Daily Mail Reports




“The ‘plan’ was unraveled by FBI agents Tim Bates and Mark Schweers. 

Posing as a man called ‘Red’, Bates plotted with the group how they would snatch Whitmer. Defense attorneys argued entrapment, claiming that if he hadn’t been involved, the plot would never have been developed much less come to fruition. 

They said it was nothing but ‘stoned talk’ that the government turned into a real conspiracy.  Schweers and Bates both testified at trial. 

Schweers told how one of the group told him that he wanted to tie Whitmer – who he called ‘the tyrant’ – to a table and pose for a photo with her like they had performed ‘the biggest drug bust’. 

Agent Mark Schweers told the jury that he was posing as someone with like-minded views from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula when he met Adam Fox in the basement of a vacuum shop in suburban Grand Rapids, a hideaway accessed by a trap door.

Fox didn’t know that Schweers was wearing a recording device as he talked excitedly about attacking the Michigan Capitol, teaming up with a militia called the Wolverine Watchmen, and restoring a “constitutional republic.”

“We want her flex-cuffed on a table while we all pose and get our pictures taken like we just made the biggest drug bust in… history,’ Fox said of Whitmer, laughing and using profanities.

The other agent is Tim Bates. He convinced the group to give him ‘IOUs’ to get $4,000 of explosives that was needed to carry out the plot.”


It is difficult to understand why the FBI would organize a terror plot.  Maybe an aspiring careerist wanted to be credited with cracking a big case.  Maybe Governor Whitmer needed to be bailed out after killing thousands of her own constituents in nursing homes.  At this point, we can only speculate.

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