The world has come to accept the commercialization of Christmas. Every year, businesses shamelessly ignore the true meaning of Christmas to hawk their products. But when a company uses Santa, a figure who represents the Christmas holiday, or a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, to push vaccines on small children— that’s when a line has been crossed.

This year, in a new low, Tesco, a British supermarket chain is using Santa to promote vaccination passports.

The made for tv ad, set to the tune of the Queen song “Don’t Stop Me Now,” shows Brits rushing around as they prepare for the Christmas holiday, which in and of itself is not unusual. However, the ad takes a dark turn when a faux news reporter announces a “breaking news” story to kids that “Santa may be quarantined.” Suddenly, they cut to a double-vaxxed Santa, who is showing his CCP virus passport with a scan code to the border patrol so he can cross the border into the UK and deliver presents to the kids.

Watch the disturbing ad here:

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The #BoycottTesco has started trending on Twitter. Brits who are not okay with a mandatory vaccination policy are posting pictures of torn-up Tesco Club cards as a way to protest the distasteful Santa vaccine passport ad.

Here are just a few of the responses to Tesco’s Santa vax passport ad:

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Didn’t seem like a bad advert until I saw Santa’s covid pass.. WTF? why would you normalise this, kids do not need to see this! Let us move on.

why do you feel the need to get involved? what’s wrong with you? you sell grocery’s, just stick to that. We get enough of this crap from the news and media…….just be a shop, nothing more

Poor taste #tesco Santa with a Covid pass! I want to forget about bloody covid, I don’t want to be forced to have a medical treatment and I certainly don’t want to show a pass to get in anywhere. I’ve always shopped at Tesco, time for a change, it think! #tescoboycott

Defo not doing my Christmas shop with you lot this year! You think it’s okay to promote a discriminatory passport in your advert? Pull that rubbish ASAP

Could have been a good Christmas advert, but you had to ruin it with Father Christmas showing a Covid pass. Clearly @Tesco supports segregation and totalitarianism #massivefail #christmas #TescNo

And finally, in response to Tesco’s ad, this Twitter user shared a disturbing photo showing a Santa Christmas ornament wearing a face mask:

Citizens from around the world need to continue to stand up to businesses that conform to authoritarian rule by elected and non-elected officials. Businesses forcing customers to provide proof of their personal medical history before spending money in their stores or restaurants should be actively boycotted by consumers.


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