Last month, Speaker Pelosi ambushed President Trump only moments before their scheduled meeting on infrastructure, telling reporters he was involved in a cover-up. Nancy offered no evidence of her claim, knowing full well that their partners in the mainstream media wouldn’t demand that she back up her accusation.

The truth is, Nancy Pelosi is the person involved in a disgusting cover-up of anti-Semitism and hatred by two of her own members of her own party in Congress, and it’s one of the most important, yet underreported stories of the year.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone then that even the far left leaning CNN poll shows President Trump in the lead over Nancy Pelosi when it comes to approval numbers.

Unlike many of her colleagues, the top Democrat has refrained from calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, continually suggesting that Congress should continue legislating and investigating before taking aim at the commander-in-chief. This appears to have influenced her approval rating — 40 percent of Americans view Pelosi favorably.

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Forty-three percent of Americans approve of President Trump, according to the poll.

During a speech at the California Democratic Party’s annual convention on Saturday, Pelosi once again refrained from calling for impeachment, while accusing President Trump of collaborating with the Kremlin and “covering up” his crimes.

“Why won’t the president defend us from this attack? What is the president covering up? We must investigate the president’s welcoming of the assault on our democracy,” Pelosi remarked, prompting the crowd to chant “impeach!” –Inquisitr


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