Santa Fe police will not rule out criminal charges against Baldwin in light of a new FBI report confirming that he pulled the trigger

A new FBI report reveals that Alec Baldwin did, in fact, pull the trigger on the set of Rust, resulting in the death of cinematographer Hayla Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza in October of 2021.

Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger on a firearm on the set of the movie Rust, resulting in the death of cinematographer Hayla Hutchins

In light of this new report, the Santa Fe police department has decided not to rule out pressing criminal charges on the far-left actor.

Alec Baldwin has consistently denied ever pulling the trigger on the firearm, which was supposed to be loaded with dummy bullets. However, the FBI’s report reveals that the gun could not have gone off unless Baldwin did pull the trigger.

This means that Alec Baldwin could face criminal charges over the unjust killing. Santa Fe, New Mexico’s police department has confirmed that they will pass the case on to the district attorney’s office.

From the Daily Mail:

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Authorities said yesterday that they are waiting on the actor’s phone records, and the DA has been working with Suffolk County Police in New York and Baldwin’s attorneys to acquire them.

The records will be reviewed by detectives, and a case file will then be sent to the DA to determine if any charges will be filed.

The FBI forensic report was examining all of the areas of the fatal accident as part of a broader investigation to see if any criminal charges can be brought.

Part of the report found that the revolver, a single-action .45 Colt caliber F.lli Pietta, could not have been fired without someone pulling the trigger.

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The gun will not release a bullet by fiddling with the hammer alone and requires for the trigger to be pulled in order to loose a shot.

Baldwin had previously claimed that he had thumbed the hammer, but had not pulled the trigger.

With this new FBI report, it is clear that this must be a lie. Alec Baldwin unequivocally pulled the revolver’s trigger, and, in the process, took the life of cinematographer Hayla Hutchins.

The FBI report, which proves this, was sent to Santa Fe, NM’s police department immediately, and the case has been sent to the district attorney’s office for review.


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