ESPN Broadcast Shaka Hislop collapsed on camera on Sunday while covering a soccer match between AC Milan and Real Madrid in California.

Hislop was covering the match when all of a sudden started to wobble and eventually collapsed on live camera.

The other ESPN broadcaster Dan Thomas quickly called for help and the sports network quickest cut to commercial break.

The cause of Hislop’s fall has not been revealed but some users on the internet are speculating his collapse was due to the Covid-19 vaccine.

Previously Hislop promoted the Covid-19 vaccine by releasing a video encouraging people to get vaccinated

Watch him push vaccines here:

Here’s the moment he collapsed:

Here’s what ESPN reported:

ESPN analyst Shaka Hislop said on Monday he was thankful for the support he received from friends and family and would be seeking medical advice from his doctor after collapsing on air ahead of an exhibition match between Real Madrid and AC Milan at the Rose Bowl on Sunday night.

“Well, that was awkward. What a 24 hours this has been,” Hislop began in a video statement on Monday. “That was big. Every so often life gives you moments to pause and this was mine. There is so much I have to be thankful for, my wife, kids, family, friends, for people I’ve shared a space with over the years.

“To all those that I’ve lost touch with over the years that have reached out either directly or indirectly, thank you. My response now has to be to seek out the best medical opinion I can get and listen to what my doctor has to say.”

Hislop was speaking on camera with co-host Dan Thomas before kickoff of the Champions Tour match between Milan and Madrid when he stumbled and fell toward his partner. Thomas immediately gestured to security to get medical staff on the field to assist Hislop.

The match went ahead and Thomas posted on social media shortly after kickoff that Hislop was conscious and that “medics were looking after him.”

Per The New York Post:

The ESPN soccer analyst who collapsed on air during Sunday’s AC Milan and Real Madrid friendly at the Rose Bowl took to Twitter to give an update on his health.


“Well, that was awkward. What a 24 hours this has been. Listen, every so often life gives you a moment to pause, and this was mine,” Hislop, 54, said on Monday.

“My response now has to be to seek out the best medical opinion that I can get and listen to what my doctors have to say.”

Hislop was speaking with ESPN’s Dan Thomas on the sidelines before the match when he started to sway and fell face first onto the ground.

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