Internal documents reveal that Biden’s regime will send illegal immigrants deeper into the United States

Rather than process and deport illegal immigrants, the Biden regime’s Department of Homeland Security intends to transport them deeper into the United States and away from the border, according to newly revealed internal documents.

Starting within the next few weeks, Los Angeles will be hit by a wave of relocated migrants awaiting processing. Followed by Albuquerque, Houston, Dallas, and other cities further from the border.

Using federal funds, buses and flights full of illegals will eventually go all over the country to different cities. the Department of Homeland Security have internally referred to this plan as the “Abbott Plan,” in an attempt to mock Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his sending of illegals to Washington D.C.

Biden’s far-left DHS has also been refusing to expel the full volume of migrants detained under Title 42 during the month of April. Instead, less than 50% of migrants were removed and the rest will be shipped off deeper into the country under this plan.

To many this may seem as a plan to bypass security and immigration measures and get the illegals to cities across the country without a solid plan in place to track them.

Often times, migrants who are relocated in such a way end up lost in the system, meaning that whether they are cleared for entry as “asylum seekers” or not, their whereabouts within the US can become unknown and they will likely never face deportation or repatriation.

Biden has made it quite clear through the actions of his administration that illegal immigration is no issue for him. From attempts to remove Title 42, to this current plan to disperse migrants across the nation, the safety and well being of American citizens and American sovereignty are clearly not his priorities.

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