The Dark Side of Universal Digitization

Anyone who follows cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, understands without a doubt that the financial industry as a whole has been eagerly undergoing a rapid and seismic shift into a new digital and cryptographic age for several years.  Dubbed FinTech—Financial Technology—the new ‘instruments’ created during this financial revolution ostensibly seek to decentralize, simplify, and lower costs in the financial markets using digital and cryptographic means.  Affected industries will include things like lending, credit, banking, and all manners of financial instruments and institutions.

As with all software or apps, the new code is complicated ‘under the hood.’  But a simple user interface would allow normal people to make many contracts and asset transfers with the click of the button.  This means no lawyer, banker or broker would be necessary, putting the power back in the hands of the individual and away from the expensive middleman or the rigid overbearing government.

However, just beyond that blissful libertarian view of these technological possibilities lies a dark side.  This dark side could result in hyper-centralization and near-infinite invasiveness than has never before been possible, exceeding even China.  This dark globalist version is a major facet of The Great Reset, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which recently produced a ‘working paper’ that was covered in Gizmodo and universal digitization of everything will be the lynchpin to the Dark Side.

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So, who is the IMF?

The IMF is an organization based in Washington D.C. comprised of 190 countries “working to foster global monetary cooperation and financial stability around the world.” .  That does sound nice on paper, but what it translates to in a single word is: globalism.  It has already pledged its support for recent Chinese monetary policy as well as its allegiance to The Great Reset.  The head of the IMF is Kristalina Georgieva, who received her  Master’s Degree in political economy and sociology from Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics, in Sofia.  In addition, much like Michigan Secretary of State Joceyln Benson, she also lectured at Tsinghua (Chinghua) University in Beijing, where Chinese President Xi Jinping studied Marxist theory.

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What does the IMF want to do?

As Gizmodo puts it: “Gazing into their crystal ball, the [IMF] researchers see the possibility of using the data from your browsing, search, and purchase history to create a more accurate mechanism for determining the credit rating of an individual or business. They believe that this approach could result in greater lending to borrowers who would potentially be denied by traditional financial institutions.”

This sounds an awful lot like the beginning of Chinese Communist Party’s dystopian Orwellian Social Credit System, currently in place in china.  Using phones and other electronic monitoring devices, the Chinese social credit system does everything from warn you when you deal with a ‘subversive’ person (sounds a lot like Twitter and Facebook, which put similar taglines on most all tweets from conservatives and Donald Trump, doesn’t it?), to preventing you from being able to ride on a train or fly on a plane because the government has deemed your credit score too low.  This is in addition to publicly shaming citizens for any reason a government official deems fit.  Leftists believe this will create a more ‘sincere’ and efficient society.  And, once money is digitized, it would theoretically allow your bank account and all your finances to be turned off at the flip of a digital switch.

Efficiency vs. Freedom

As the Washington Post notes, the IMF paper’s proposal will result in complete destruction of the American way of life. “What it will actually create, of course, is a culture of fear and a nation of informants.”  For all of us currently living with Covid mask snitches, shaming, and lockdowns, this should sound all too familiar.  Do you look forward to the virus of authoritarianism spreading via global digital shunning apps that work using infinite databases of personal information available freely to everyone in any government?

But, how on Earth could such a dystopian nightmare ever be implemented in America, land of the free?

As with everything else, this year, the IMF seeks to push the world over this authoritarian cliff by wielding Covid as the excuse:

“The increase in demand for digital services triggered by COVID-19 is turbo-charging this transformation. The confluence we are witnessing is driving fintech innovation and raises important questions. What are the transformative aspects of recent financial innovation that can uproot finance as we know it? Which new policy challenges will the transformation of finance bring?”

Big Tech Companies like Facebook and Google began as American companies but have long-since been infiltrated at their highest levels by CCP actors and globalist technocrats with no allegiance to the Constitution that protects out rights and freedoms in America, and a heavy influence from and allegiance to China and globalism.

So, what on earth does your browsing history have to do with your ability to get a loan?

We do not really know.

How would all this data be created and implemented in order to affect your credit score?

“Machine learning, of course. It’s black boxes all the way down,” according to the techs at Gizmodo.

Black boxes? That sounds a whole lot like the Dominion voting machines used to tabulate the votes during our elections.

Do these people want to steal your life like they stole this election?

What could possibly go wrong?

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