The last time I checked, we still live in America and the 2nd Amendment in our Constitutions gives US citizens the right to bear arms. As long as this veteran, and car dealership owner goes through the proper channels and assures every potential gun recipient is qualified, we don’t see the problem…

A New Hampshire auto dealer with oodles of common sense, a good head for business and a well-developed sense of humor is making an offer to potential new customers:

It’s called “buy a car, get an AR,” according to NH1.

That’s right, simply purchase any automobile off the lot of Hagan’s Motor Pool Auto Repair and Sales, and owner Mike Hagan will put into process the ability for the purchaser to receive a new AR-16, America’s most popular rifle.

If you don’t want the AR, you can opt for either a 9-mm handgun or a discount on the car’s purchase price.

“I have given away four AR-15s and one 9mm handgun, which is the other option if you don’t want the AR-15,” he said.

The promotion began in May — before the deadly slaughter at an Orlando gay nightclub — and will run through August.


But Hagan doesn’t simply hand the firearms out willy-nilly.

“They go to the dealer and pass their background check. If they don’t pass they don’t get the weapon it’s that’s simple,” he said.

He’s been criticized by the left for using deadly weapons as a vehicle to sell cars, but Hagan, a combat war vet, considers such criticism misplaced.

“I could worry about the same thing with a car being used to hurt other people. In the end that kind of heinous crime is in the heart,” he said. Via: BPR


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