As the investigation into the Austin bomber continues, more and more information is surfacing that paints a portrait of a very disturbed individual who was bent on the destruction of innocent life.

Authorities have discovered that Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, was using a target list and was using batteries from Asia to put together his explosive devices.

Fox News is reporting:

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Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said that authorities have discovered that Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, had a “target list of future targets” including residences and addresses discovered by authorities.

“I think he had pulled these addresses, these were his future targets. It was a target list.” he said on “America’s Newsroom.”

McCaul added that based on the data authorities were able to retrieve from Conditt, they were able to go the homes and “clear them” from any suspicious packages.

McCaul told Fox News that authorities are now looking at those addresses that Conditt pulled to try to find a link between them.

Conditt also used “exotic batteries” to make his weapons that terrorized Austin this month, according to McCaul, who added that because he used “very unique” battery packs ordered off the internet from Asia, authorities were able to see all of the devices were from the same bomb maker.

McCall also commented on the audio “confession” of Conditt’s crimes, saying that it the attacks were not terror related and that he was a “disturbed young man.”

One obvious truth this case makes clear is that if someone is mentally disturbed, they don’t need access to guns in order to wreak havoc on innocent people and to murder in cold blood.

Will liberals suggest banning batteries or other components and pieces used to make these bombs? That’s going to prove impossible. Rather than ban electronics or other tools, how about working on the problem of human evil? Just a thought.

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