While Republicans across America are celebrating what looks like a huge victory for Republican Glenn Youngkin in Virginia’s governor’s race, results in another race is stunning political pundits from both sides of the political spectrum..

In New Jersey’s governor’s race, former Somerset County Assemblyman Jack Ciaterelli has taken a stunning lead over the iron-fisted Democrat incumbent Governor Phil Murphy.

GOP NJ candidate for governor Jack Ciaterelli (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

He took and early lead, but with 38% reporting, Phil Murphy has fallen behind Republican Jack Ciaterelli at 50.6% and Phil Murphy at 48.6%.

No matter what happens in the New Jersey race, Governor Murphy has to be stunned as he watches his lead drop below his Republican candidate in a solidly blue state.

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AZ Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted about Ciaterelli’s stunning lead in NJ, saying “Looks like New Jersey is saying “Let’s Go Brandon” too!

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