A New Jersey high school student says he was rejected from the National Honor Society over posting a quote from President Trump.

THE QUOTE HE USED: “If you’re going to be thinking, you may as well think big” – PDJT

Boris Kizenko is a student at Holmdel High School where he reportedly experienced discrimination because of his stance on the President.

It all started when he posted an inspirational quote from President Trump on the class Instagram account. He says he made sure it wasn’t political. School officials demanded that he take down the quote and hand over the password to the social media account.

“They took away all my social media authority as a class president, and my class advisor…she demanded the class Instagram password from me, I appealed her decision, I said this isn’t right, and I got a conduct report for appealing that decision. They told me that I was being a monarch in the student council, and they also said that that doesn’t represent the ideals of the class.”

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Fox News reports: The school administration said he has a “character flaw” leading the National Honor Society to drop Kizenko as a member.

Kizenko has a 4.0 GPA and has over 200 hours of community service. Is his decision to post a benign quote from President Trump the reason the school administrators kicked him off of NHS? It sure looks like it!

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