This March it was reported that Democratic Governor Phil Murphy stood by his decision to send Covid-19 patients to nursing homes.  As of March 2021, a third of all Covid deaths happened in nursing homes, and one in ten people living in nursing homes died of Covid-19.  All four states who had a policy of transferring Covid-19 patients to nursing home were ran by Democratic Governors; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Michigan.

We are regularly told that wearing masks and the year of authoritarian lockdowns that we went through were to protect the elderly population.  Despite this, Covid-19 patients were sent to a place where the people most vulnerable to the disease in some of the states with the harshest lockdown measures.  After Democratic governors doubled down on this disastrous policy, they now have to pay court ordered settlements to people who wrongfully died as a result of them.  The Epoch Times Reports

“The state of New Jersey is set to pay around $53 million as a settlement to the families of 119 seniors who died as a result of alleged mishandling of COVID-19 outbreaks inside the state’s veteran care facilities, according to a report.

Each of the families will receive an average of $445,000, with exact amounts to be determined in arbitration proceedings, according to a New Jersey official who confirmed the terms of the settlement to NJ Advance Media. The overall amount of the settlement is $52,955,000.

“The families of those who have lost their lives to COVID-19 have gone through so much,” the official told the outlet. “This settlement will hopefully allow them to move forward without years of protracted and uncertain litigation.”

Families of those who died in the veterans home blamed them for “questionable practices”, such as being slow to separate infected and uninfected residents, and allowing staff to go in and out of rooms among those who were sick with COVID-19 and those who were not without wearing masks or gloves.




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