Thanks to a new bill being discussed in the Kansas state congress, school teachers might be able to start carrying their guns to school as a measure to ensure the safety of students.

This bill comes at a time when the battle over gun rights has reached a fever pitch, thanks in large part to the Parkland shooting and subsequent protests from the March For Our Lives movement that were held around the country this past weekend.

KAKE is reporting:

This morning, the House Insurance Committee will have a hearing on House Bill 2789. The bill would help make Kansas staff as first emergency responders, known as the SAFER Act. It creates a statewide plan to allow teachers to carry guns.

The bill would also:

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• Make schools to create a comprehensive school safety plan, which would specify roles of law enforcement and emergency management teams.

• Plans would be adopted by each district, as they work with the adjutant general, Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Kansas Department of Health and Environment and other state agencies deemed necessary by the school board.

• Require districts to approve teachers who can participate. The teacher must have a license to carry a concealed handgun and desires to obtain a license with a SAFER schools endorsement to carry a concealed handgun in any building.

• Ask districts to create a list of teachers approved. The list would be confidential. School boards would go into executive session to ensure the privacy of those involved.

• Take effect by Jan. 1, 2019, if approved by the state.

We often times hear people on the left talk about wanting “common sense gun control,” which is really just code for placing many small limits on the Second Amendment until it basically ceases to exist.

For those of us who care about our liberty and want students to be safe from deranged shooters, having armed security and teachers on campus is a no-brainer.

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Hopefully Kansas will pass this law and other states will follow their lead.


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