Law enforcement in Loudoun County, Virginia is investigating threatening comments made in a Left-wing Facebook group aimed at parents and residents who spoke out at school board meetings against the district’s woke agenda.

A Facebook group whose members named themselves the “Loudon Love Warriors” has been exposed for posting shockingly hateful content that, in some instances, threatened violence and murder against community members who openly held different political opinions than theirs.

The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) released a statement on its investigation into the group, saying, “The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office has opened an investigation into potential threats made within the ‘Loudon Love Warrios’ Facebook group, following a citizen complaint today. A previous investigation of the group and comments made about Mark Winn, a resident of Leesburg, Va., determined that no criminal act had occurred.”

According to a whistleblower, after Winn spoke at a school board meeting in December 2022, one of the group members said they wanted to contact Winn’s employer, get him fired, and ruin his livelihood.

Comments that were made against Winn in the Facebook group included:

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“Mark Winn. I’m gonna find his employer.”

“And holding that company accountable until he is fired.”

“Let’s make him unemployable by love or by force.”

“Wish I had footage of every person who clapped for him and give them the same ousting that Winn is about to.”

“I want to contact his employer to do just that. Ruin his livelihood.”

“Say goodbye to your f***ing job.”

“I want every single person who clapped for that ousted en masse and their livelihoods ruined.”

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Other comments made by the group included: “Lives need to be ruined beyond repair,” “Let’s actually destroy them,” and “If he had said that sh** about black kids or autistic kids I would shoot him.”

Winn, whose wife was battling Stage 4 cancer at the time, reported being “shocked” after learning about the comments being made in the group.

Another Loudoun County parent that was targeted by the group, Scott Mineo, reported that they went after his job.

“That happened in early February. They referred me to the FBI, IRS, and DHS all because they don’t like my opinion,” said Mineo. “I’m having a hard time finding a job. And who knows what’s next with the IRS and the FBI? I don’t know. But they’ve done more than just put me out of a job. It’s impacting my family, my kids.”

This hateful social media group includes members who are reportedly associated with Loudon County officials, including Loudon County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj, County Supervisor Juli Briskman, School Board Chair Ian Serotkin, school board members Brenda Sheridan, Atoosa Reaser, and Erika Ogedegbe, school board candidate Anne Donohue, sheriff candidate Craig Buckley, and Chair Phyllis Randall.

None of these listed officials, however, made any threats themselves.

Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears (R-Va.) is calling for Loudoun County elected officials to condemn the violent threats that were made in the group.

“My reaction to the what are they calling themselves ‘the Love Warriors Group’ — there’s nothing but hate in that group,” said Earle-Sears. “From what I’m understanding, if the reports are true, and I don’t react to it as lieutenant governor, I react to it as a normal, sane human being, when you hear what this group is trying to do, they’re trying to destroy lives. They’re going to make sure you definitely have loss of employment, you will possibly lose your life because they’re talking about [disassembling] you, and they’re also possibly going to shoot you. Now remember, this is the kind of group that says they’re against guns, except I guess when they’re the ones with the guns. So, folks, we’ve got to get a grip. We’re destroying America from the inside. This is what our enemies do to us. This is not what we do to ourselves.”

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