After fake News CNN’s Jimmy Acosta was moved to the back row during President Trump Wuhan coronavirus press briefing today, he appeared on his low-ratings, anti-Trump network to share some of his favorite attacks on the president during his briefing with his comrades back at CNN.

Former CNN writer Porter Anderson reported on the conversation between the petulant man-child, Jim Acosta told CNN host Wolf Blitzer. According to Acosta, that the most “pertinent question” was asked by New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi, who asked, “If an American president loses more Americans over the course of six weeks than over the entire Vietnam war, does he deserve to be re-elected?” True to form, at the end of the former CNN reporter’s tweet, he lies, saying that President Trump “dodged that question.” (We’ve included the entire exchange below.) 

Here is the exchange between the unidentified reporter and President Trump, who told her that losing one life is too much.

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The reporter who asked President Trump if he believes he deserves to be re-elected should be ashamed of herself.

The Vietnam war was an ugly time in America, as many Americans were torn about our involvement in the conflict.

At no time in American history has a president worked this hard to contain a deadly virus while balancing the economic collapse of the world’s greatest economy.

Every person in America should be outraged that this dingbat reporter is being hailed by the left as a hero for comparing the number of deaths in the Vietnam war to the number of deaths in American during a pandemic that originated in China.

President Trump is one of the most anti-war presidents in modern history. In 2016, he campaigned on bringing our troops home from the endless wars in the Middle East if elected, and so far, he’s followed through on that promise, something his predecessor, Barack Obama had no clue how to do.

From the White House website:

BRINGING OUR TROOPS HOME: After 19 years, we are finally removing American troops from endless conflicts around the globe.
  • President Trump promised to bring our troops home from overseas and is following through on that promise.
  • In Afghanistan, our service members have done important work to root out terrorism and bring peace, but it is time to bring them home.
  • Our Nation thanks the hundreds of thousands of American service members and our allies who have proudly served in Afghanistan, particularly the fallen and families of the fallen.

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