Somebody needs to point out to this incompetent Gun Grabber In Chief, that if someone in that college was allowed to carry a gun to class, we may not be talking about a single murder.

Does anyone remember Barry running to the microphone after any of our brave law enforcement officers lost their lives to thugs with guns?

Here’s the video of our Gun Grabber In Chief who apparently couldn’t even wait for the ambulances to pull away from the scene of the crime before he started up with his gun control rhetoric.

“I would ask news organizations, have news organizations tally up the number of Americans who’ve been killed by terrorist attacks over the last decade next to the number of Americans killed by gun violence.”

“This won’t be information coming from me…it’ll be coming you.”


Newsflash Barry…if it comes from the media, it’s essentially the same thing as coming from you.  

Obama says we know the majority of Americans say we should be changing our gun laws. Really Barack? Where do you get your data…from Rosie O’Donnell?

We like to deal in facts Barry…not in platitudes. Here are two of the most recent polls given to Americans by Pew Research in regard to gun ownership and gun rights. Barack couldn’t be more wrong…or in his case, more misleading.

pew 2







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