Twisted logic from politicians to squeeze money from the feds happens all the time. This one is a reach! A libertarian who happens to be a top land manager for New Mexico is using the libertarian tactic of state sovereignty to claim the feds are protecting their border with Mexico at the expense of the state. This is a strange move by a U.S. Senate candidate who serves as New Mexico’s top land manager. Aubrey Dunn posted signs along the U.S.-Mexico border aimed at blocking border patrol operations on a one-mile stretch of state trust land over concerns that the federal government is not compensating the state for using the land.

We’d like to ask if the taxpaying citizens of New Mexico get a choice in this. Don’t they deserve to be safe and secure from illegal border crossers like MS-13 or do they have to follow Dunn’s decision to block the border patrol?

Washington Times reports:

Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn told The Associated Press that if his office can’t reach an agreement over an easement with the federal government, he will install a fence to block access to the property.

Dunn, elected in 2014 as a Republican, announced earlier this year he was running for the U.S. Senate after becoming a Libertarian. He previously considered running for governor and the U.S. House.

Dunn first outlined his concerns in a letter sent last month to federal officials. He said it’s an issue of state sovereignty and that revenue earned from development or use of trust land helps fund public education in the state.

“I’m shutting down the federal government just as I would shut down any business trespassing on state trust lands,” Dunn said. “Border security is important, but so are our kids and they have a right to collect the money earned from the lands they own,”

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