In late January, nineteen-year-old Alexee Trevizo gave birth in a hospital bathroom to a full-term baby boy. The troubled teen is now on trial for murder charges after dumping her infant son into the hospital bathroom trash receptacle.

Alexee Trevizo was arrested in May but allowed to attend her high school graduation ceremony at Artesia High School in New Mexico before going to court. Hospital staff recollected the horrific situation they encountered following Alexee’s horrific decision to leave her baby to suffocate in the bathroom trash. Her lifeless son was left to die after she attempted to secretly give birth. She went to Artesia General Hospital, complaining about pain in her hip and stomach.


The cleaning staff was the first to find evidence that Alexee had given birth in the bathroom and left the baby to suffocate. Dia Lewis found the baby while cleaning. According to Daily Mail, she began mopping up blood from the floor, wiping down the bathroom walls, toilets, and surfaces. She described the gruesome scene to a detective, saying, “It was a gory, bloody, massacre, mess.”
The nursing staff feared Alexee had a miscarriage, only later realizing she had gone into labor, delivering a full-term baby boy while locked in the patient restroom. They said they kept hearing the toilet flush. She later went back to her hospital room, where she was being checked due to hip and abdominal pain, and claimed she did not know she was pregnant.
Charge nurse Chris Sanchez said Trevizo told him she was on her period when he checked on her during the nearly twenty minutes she was locked in the bathroom. Sanchez said,

‘I checked on her two to three times. I kept hearing the paper towel dispenser flushing and running the water. Eventually, I said, “You need to come out.”
‘She opened it, and just kind of walked out. She didn’t say anything, and she walked back…I went into the restroom, and I saw a large amount of blood on the floor, on the back wall, and so I said, “You OK? What happened?”
‘She said, “I’m on my period.”

Lewis discussed the painful discovery after finding a baby in the trash and noticing that his face was sanctioned to the plastic bag, cutting off his hair supply,
“I had to do everything twice. I usually throw my trash first but for some reason, that night… I felt the trash, I looked in it, but when I picked it up, there was some weight. I started taking the trash out, and when I did, that’s when I saw there was a baby in there…The bag was suctioned to his face. This blood was fresh. You could even smell it.’

Hospital Cleaning Staff Member

Lewis was shaken by the trauma but immediately notified the doctors and nurses. Apparently, multiple doctors attempted to save the infant and then performed an autopsy. Alexee was with her mother in her hospital room.
When Alexee’s nurse asked if the baby took a breath, she described what happened,


“I’ve been having this bad abdominal pain; I felt like I needed to go poop; I asked if I could go, and they said yes.”
The nurse said Alexee claimed the baby just fell out and that when she held him in her arms, she said, “It wasn’t breathing; it wasn’t moving.”
The nurse continued, “Of course, you want to be very judgmental at that time and bite your tongue. I wanted to say, “Well, why didn’t you call us for help?”
When asked why she put the baby in the trash, Alexee said, “He wasn’t moving, he wasn’t breathing, so I placed him in there.”

Alexee will go back to court in September and has been charged with first-degree murder and tampering with evidence.


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