A too-firm mattress can make pressure on your joints worse.

A too-soft mattress can put more strain on your spine.

It’s tough to get your mattress just right – and our body’s needs change over time.

But a new mattress is very expensive — plus it’s a hassle to get a new mattress to your bedroom.

Here’s something to try before buying a new mattress: MyPillow’s Mattress Topper 2.0

When you add the right mattress topper, you’ll keep your hips, spine, and shoulders supported. And if you need to change it, it’s easy and low-cost!

Imagine waking up pain-free!

People who have MyPillow’s Mattress Topper 2.0 say it’s been great for their sleep.

Now, get 40% off MyPillow’s new Mattress Topper 2.0 with promo code FEDUP! (plus, using that code benefits 100 Percent Fed Up!).

People are saying:

“It is a great balance of firmness and softness. It is very comfortable and improved my sleep comfort the first night.”

“The best mattress topper – very comfortable and doesn’t slide off the bed. If you want comfort and good body temperature, I recommend this coil mattress topper.”

“Turned my 12 yr old sleep number mattress into a super comfortable, soft, supporting mattress! Saved me from having to buy a whole new mattress for my aging bones.”

The new MyPillow Mattress Topper 2.0 has:

– 2″ 1.8 lb Density, 20 ILD Premium Comfort Foam

– 1″ Support + Comfort Layer: NanoCoil® Edge with Center Zone for Active Support & Cooler Sleep

– Upcycled steel micro-coils provide enhanced air circulation, contouring comfort, responsive support, and superior durability.

– NanoCoils® deliver a dynamic response to natural body movements providing the support needed for deep, relaxing sleep

– Innersprings transfer heat 28% more efficiently than foam and are cooler on initial contact. Features ActivEdge™ and Center Zoning for additional perimeter and targeted zonal support.

– ActivEdge™: Transitions firmer perimeter support into the comfort layer, expanding the sleep surface and preventing roll-off.

– Enhanced Air Circulation: Creates a channel for air to flow in and out of the topper, enabling the body to reach its desired temperature

– Superior Durability: Resists sagging, settlement, and body impressions.

– Unique, Customized Comfort: Each coil individually contours to your body

– Responsive Support: Adjusts to body movements, thus isolating motion transfer and reducing partner disturbance.

– ENCAPSYS Phase Change Cooling Stretch Knit Fabric Cover helps keep you at the right sleeping temperature

– Cover is Made in the USA with a one-way, non-removable locking zipper. Bottom of cover has Non-Skid fabric.

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When you get to the MyPillow website, look for this box at the top of the page:

Put FEDUP where it says “ENTER PROMO CODE HERE” and hit “CONFIRM” to get the discount.

Enjoy a wonderful night of sleep!

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