Wow…it looks like Dem candidate for governor, John Bel Edwards has some friends who really know how to throw a party for “early voters.” The stripper poles on the purple party bus are a special feature that goodness knows, every early voter requires…

Yesterday, the Hayride exclusively reported on gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards’ campaign rally at the New Orleans night club known as Lyve New Orleans.

Lyve New Orleans is a night club on Tulane Ave. and yesterday, the night club posted a couple of photos of their John Bel Edwards event, in which they promised a “Meet and Greet” with Edwards and a “party bus” that would take voters to go early vote.

Today, the Hayride has obtained all of the videos from the night club campaign rally for Edwards, in which a party bus is seen covered in Edwards campaign signs, blaring Missy Elliot beats accompanied by strobe lights.

The Edwards campaign was invited to a Family Forum yesterday to discuss social issues with his opponent Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), but skipped out on the event. Vitter, however, did attend.

The videos below (caught by America Rising) show Edwards and his wife Donna Edwards meeting with voters before entering the club. Following the “meet and greet” event some of the attendees hopped on the party bus to City Hall for early voting, and the bus illegally parked in front of City Hall and had to be moved.

Here’s a copy of the invitation to the “rally” for John Bel Edwards for Governor of LA: lyve nightclub edwards invite

Take a look at all of the footage from Edwards’ campaign rally below:

Here is John Bel Edwards arriving at Lyve Nite Club:

Here’s an inside look at the John Bel Edwards purple party bus that was apparently to be used for transporting voters to the “early voting” polls. The bus is complete with stripper poles, a wall of speakers and strobe lights:

After parking illegally, the John Bel Edwards Party/ride to early voting precincts bus was made to move:

The photos obtained by the Hayride yesterday via Lyve New Orleans’ Facebook and Instagram account can be seen below, depicting Edwards’ invite (bottom left) among the rest of the night club’s featured performers and rappers:


After the Hayride posted the exclusive story, multiple Facebook users and Twitter users quickly attempted to shoot down the story, claiming the story was “intellectually dishonest” and that Edwards was not associated with the night club event.

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Via: The Hayride

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