The NFL needs to get it together! Is it too much to ask of these self-absorbed athletes to honor a fallen police officer during a moment of silence?  Are they just too clueless or was this a Black Lives Matter protest? All we can say is: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!




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From Blue Lives Matter:

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It’s not clear at this time if the Saints players intended to kneel during the tribute to Officer McNeil, of it they were just too dense to realize when they were kneeling.

New Orleans Saints players kneeled before the game on Sunday, but it wasn’t during the national anthem, it was during a tribute to murdered New Orleans PD Officer Marcus McNeil.

Fans booed as players knelt during the moment of silence for Officer McNeil.

The players then stood (EXCEPT 5 HOLDOUTS) for the national anthem, according to

Sunday’s game of Saints vs. Lions was the first game at the Superdome since President Trump said that kneelers should be fired. None of the Lions players kneeled.

New Orleans Police Department Officer Marcus McNeil, 29, was ambushed and murdered early Friday morning.
The incident happened just after midnight when a group of three officers on patrol spotted something suspicious.

Officer McNeil stepped out of his car to investigate and a gunman opened fire, shooting the officer repeatedly.

Other officers returned fire, shooting the suspect, who then ran into an apartment. The gunman remained barricaded in the apartment until he eventually surrendered to a SWAT team.

Officer McNeil was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the wife and two small children of Officer McNeil.


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