A peer-reviewed study from Switzerland found 1 in 35 people had signs of heart damage after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 booster.

The rate of heart-related injuries from a Moderna booster was 3,000 times higher than thought.

In the peer-reviewed paper, the researchers studied healthcare workers at a Swiss hospital.

“It’s unbelievable that one in 35 of the millions and millions that have gotten this vaccine swelled their heart,” The HighWire host Del Bigtree commented.

“I’ve talked to doctors. There’s no such thing as mild myocarditis,” Edward Dowd noted.


“So that’s just marketing spin from the propagandists, as far as I’m concerned,” he added.


“Yes, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. A 1 in 35 risk of myocarditis is very similar to the Thailand study, so no surprises in this Swiss study that was announced 9 months ago and finally got published,” Steve Kirsch commented.

As The Vigilant Fox noted, 1 in 35 people sustained heart damage, according to the study, for “something as mild as the flu for most people.”

The research article, published in the European Journal of Heart Failure, states:

In conclusion, using active surveillance, mRNA-1273 vaccine-associated mild transient myocardial injury was found to be much more common than previously thought. It occurred in one out of 35 persons, was mild and transient, and more frequent in women versus men. Neither anti-IL-1RA, nor pre-existing vaccine/infection-induced immunity or systemic inflammation seemed to be dominant mechanisms of myocardial injury.

More from the paper below:

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