It’s become more clear than ever that social media giants and the government put their thumb on the scale to prevent President Trump from being re-elected.

Even if you discount the blatant election fraud that occurred in the 2020 election, the legacy media refused to cover the scandalous contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Social media giants censored anyone that attempted to shed light on it.

Now, its become increasingly clear that had the media not interfered in the 2020 election, President Trump would have likely been re-elected.

A new poll released by the Technometrica Institute of Policy and Politics found that a whopping 79 percent of Americans believe that President Trump would have won the 2020 election if people knew that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop were real and not Russian ‘disinformation’.

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A further 47 percent of voters said that it would have impacted their decision to vote for Biden if they had known the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop were real, including a shocking two-thirds of Democrats.

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” A whopping 79 percent of Americans suggest President Donald Trump likely would have won reelection if voters had known the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop—that it was real and not “Russian disinformation,” as intelligence officials aligned with Joe Biden falsely led the public to believe, a new national poll reveals.

Among those following the topic, almost three-quarters (74 percent) believe that the FBI and Intelligence Community deliberately misled the public—and voters—when they claimed the laptop was “disinformation” and part of a Kremlin plot to hurt Biden’s candidacy.

In fact, 47 percent said that knowing before the election that the laptop contents were real and not “disinformation” would have changed their voting decision—including more than two-thirds (71 percent) of Democrats.

Almost 8 of 10 respondents said that a truthful interpretation of the laptop would have likely changed the election’s outcome more in favor of Trump.”


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