As the debate over gun control and the proper role of the Second Amendment rages on, one of the most frequently heard bits we hear coming from the mouths of liberals is that they don’t want to take away anyone’s guns.

All they claim they want is for laws to exist to make it more difficult for individuals to purchase “assault rifles.”

Well, according to a new poll, that’s all poppycock.

Liberals actually do want to take away your guns.

The Daily Wire has the details:

But if a new Quinnipiac poll is even close to an accurate representation of Americans’ feelings, that statement is demonstrably false. The poll, released on Wednesday, found that fully one-third of Democrats favor repealing the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms.

33% of Democrats and 14% of independents favor repealing the Second Amendment; only 4% of Republicans agree. 13% of men and 21% of women also want the amendment repealed.

A significant finding was this: of the four age groups surveyed, the group with the lowest support for repeal was the youngest, those between the ages of 18-34; the highest level of support for gun repeal came from those aged 35-49. That well could be because the youngest group is not the primary age of parents with children in schools, and those with children in schools have been spooked by school shootings.

It’s unlikely this news will surprise anyone who is up to speed on the gun debate issue, as most of us who actually believe the Second Amendment was designed to be relevant for all-time have seen through the lies and smoke screens thrown up for quite a while.

Liberals aren’t going to come right out and say they want guns banned because that’s a super unpopular opinion among the majority of Americans and could cost a lot of election seats if that opinion were shared openly.

Rather than go all out to ban firearms, they attempt to pass “common sense gun control” in order to destroy the Second Amendment bit by bit, doing so very subtly, so much so that most folks don’t even notice it’s happening.

This is why we must not allow ourselves to be lulled into a false sense of security by liberals who are clearly lying about not wanting to confiscate guns. We must continue the fight diligently to ensure our Second Amendment doesn’t get shredded, paving the way for massive oppression at the hands of big government.

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