A recent survey conducted by the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action suggests that 86% of 1,072 polled Republican voters support attorney Harmeet Dhillon as the new Republican National Committee Chair over the current chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Current RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States, commented on these results in a press release on his company’s website.

“Last week, we asked voters if they want to continue with the current leadership at the RNC, or if they are seeking new leadership. Only 6% indicated they want Ronna McDaniel to remain in her position,” said Meckler. “As a follow-up, we asked voters which candidate they prefer, and we were stunned by the results.”

The poll showed that 86% of respondents support Republican lawyer Harmeet Dhillon to be the next RNC Chair, and only 14% support McDaniel’s reelection as Chair.

Following the November midterm elections, both Dhillon and MyPillow’s Mike Lindell both announced their intent to challenge McDaniel for her position. Dhillon is an RNC committeewoman and the leader of the Republican National Lawyers Association.

Harmeet Dhillon

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In a statement regarding her run for RNC Chair, Dhillon said, “After three successive terms of underwhelming results at the polls for the GOP, all the while the leaders congratulating ourselves for outstanding performance, I feel that we owe it to our voters to have a serious debate. about the leadership of the party and what we must change to actually win in 2024.”

“As we’ve seen with recent events on Capitol Hill, the era of the establishment is over. The grassroots are pushing back and making their voices heard,” continued Meckler. “And – contrary to what Ronna McDaniel has stated publicly – the leadership of the RNC should ultimately reflect the will of the Republican voter and move Republicans forward at the ballot box.”

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Republican talk show host Charlie Kirk shared the results of this poll on Twitter, saying, “The era of a status quo Republican Party is over whether those clinging onto power realize it yet or not.”

When asked about the movement for her to be replaced as the RNC Chair, McDaniels insists that this has been caused by “disinformation” spread by her opponent.

In an interview on Newsmax, McDaniel was shown polling results that suggest she has fallen out of favor with her party. In response, she said, “I think there’s a lot of disinformation intentionally being pushed out in this ‘scorched earth’ campaign being run by my opponent.”


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